Tamerra Griffin: Global aspirant with local sensibilities

I am a multi-platform journalist and recent graduate from New York University, where I earned a dual master’s degree in journalism and Africana studies. While I specialize in news for and about the African Diaspora, other interests include reporting on the arts and culture, women’s rights and empowerment, education, and health. You can find my work at EBONY.com, New York Amsterdam News, the United Nations, shades Magazine, The Western Edition in San Francisco, the blog Africa Is a Country, New York Magazine‘s Bedford and Bowery, and more.

In order to challenge conventional knowledge about Africans on the continent and throughout the world, it is crucial to tell stories that position them as empowered subjects, not simply as people to whom events “happen.” This is my aim, and written articles, photography, and audio and visual production are my means. I also tweet, more than occasionally, about the above topics.

Credit for photo at left: Juliana Britto Schwartz